This Song /Artist form may be used with the Karaoke Song/Artist lists at Karaoke Song Lists.

 How To Submit The Song List Form via E-mail:

1. Select the entire blank form by pressing Control-A [select all] -- Then press 'Ctrl-C' to Copy

2. Then Open your e-mail program, where you will then proceed to fill out the form as an e-mail message.

3. Then compose a 'new' e-mail to send -- In the "TO" address field type ''

4. Then for 'Subject' type 'Order Form' --  Then mouse click within the 'message' area of the e-mail message
 Press 'Ctrl-V' to paste this form into your e-mail message.

5. Then, proceed to type in your list of Song TitlesArtist Names, and Disk ID's that you want on your CD. 

6. When finished, click on SEND, to send the Order Form.


How to Download Karaoke Song CD Form

1. Click on Download Karaoke Song CD Form in the Red Area of the Main Page.

2. Do a Right Mouse Click at the top of the Form and "Save Link As" to a place on your Computer where you will know where it is. A Good Place is your Desktop.

3. You can now fill in your Nameyour Emailand Phone Number as well as the Song Title, Artist, Disk ID of Your Songs you want on Your CD. "Please Write Clearly"

4. You can mail your completed Form to Bob Sherouse  P.O. Box 2794 Zephyrhills Fl. 33539 or Bring it to myself in person.

 Thank You... 

 Click here to view song titles, artists, etc >> Karaoke Song Info.
Once in the list, you can scroll through the list using page up and  page down,
or use scroll bar on the right side of the Song/Artist Page.

Enter the Song Title, Artistís Name and the Disk ID of your songs in the order that you want them
listed on your CD.